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THOUGHTS ON : Ayurveda + why I study to keep my sh*t together

When my life turned upside down a few years ago I knew I needed help. Life help. I wasn't ready to go back to talk therapy, but I wanted something similar. Something that would hold me accountable, call me on my shit, create healthy habits and be a form of ongoing education. My mental health craved something with all of the above but I didn't know what that was. Should I hire a life coach? Do I need to sign up for a tropical retreat?

After making these notes I decided to mentally check out and check in to my Facebook account. I kid you not, Kyle Roberts popped into my suggested friend list for the day. I clicked his page and found his website on all things ayurveda, yoga and meditation. I never met him, but knew he came to the yoga shala I was practicing at for a workshop. I couldn't attend because I was on vacation, but I always wanted to learn more from him and this thing called ayurveda.

So I reached out and the connection began. Studying ayurveda has become a lifestyle for me. I've learned to recognize what would nourish my life, my body, my mind. My studies with Kyle have helped soothe my anxiety, depression, pieces of disordered eating and lack of self-worth. These are heavy claims, but ayurveda has truly been a saving grace for my life, mainly because these practices led me to meditation. Learning to meditate and being encouraged by Kyle, my teacher, to keep up this practice has become my daily medicine to simply be, me.

If you are struggling with nutrition, digestion issues, self-esteem, emotional problems, feeling ungrounded or anything I previously mentioned and are open to natural forms of healing, ayurveda may be a fantastic place to start. I'm so glad the magic of internet analytics brought Kyle into my life in a time I really needed him. Maybe it's your time too.


Kyle will be in MKE August 2 - 6 and hosting workshops and private consults in the area!

Ayurveda Practices for Wellness*

Wednesday | 8/2 | 7 - 830pm | $35 | @ mke MindBody Wellness

Ayurveda is a timeless practice, rooted in the mysticism of India and practicality of yoga. Intended to create health within body, mind, and spirit, ayurveda addresses the many factors uniquely influencing each individual. Through investigation of one’s lifestyle and dietary routines, ayurveda will cultivate wellbeing throughout the span of one’s life with simple actions. These introductory practices of ayurveda will help guide one towards healthy awareness of one’s current life situations and support in yoga practice.

Introduction to Indian Astrology*

Thursday | 8/3 | 7 - 830pm | $35 | @ mke MindBody Wellness

For thousands of years people have observed the stars and planets in order to predict events in human life. Astrology is the science of understanding this effect on individuals in terms of emotion and health. This introductory course will outline the basic information for understanding your life in relation to the planets.

Private Ayurveda Consultations

A private Ayurvedic consultation is open to all. Many who come for an appointment are interested in cultivating health within their physical, mental or spiritual being. No health imbalance is necessary to schedule an appointment as Ayurveda is a tool for getting the most out of life. Recommendations from consultations generally include customized meditations and breathing techniques, specialized diet, or herbal regimen. Each session in an hour in length, cost is $85 per person. * Register Here, click CLASSES, click right arrow next to the WEEK tab until you get to August 2 - then sign up! *

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