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a girl + her heart

A girl who has been depressed.

A girl who romanticized her death to her detriment but was never brave enough to jump.

A girl who has had trouble understanding her self-worth or what’s the point of this routine.

A girl who over feeds herself for comfort or restricts herself from anything as satisfying sabotage.

A girl who will love you with all of her being. She may kill herself trying to save you, to sacrifice herself to save the world. She’s smart enough to know it’s not working.

A girl who found out how strong she was alone in a land of palm trees.

A girl who could float in the ocean all day, daydream over coffees and meditate with the rising sun for her forever.

A girl whose bubble burst when she realized money is important. But she still wonders, how important?

A girl who has too many beliefs, yet struggles which are her own and which she has decided to cling onto from the others.

A girl who discovered herself (once again) in the mountains that are blue.

A girl who returned home ready and willing to push forward in the relationship that would end all other relationships. Ready to believe wholeheartedly in that love story. She allowed her heart to break over and over, more than willingly, again and again.

A girl whose body houses an organ that’s punctured, bruised, bleeding over and out, yet still able to keep her afloat. She’s alive with the glory that is her purpose, to continue to love without conditions.

A girl who no longer wants to carry disappointment with the world and all of our troubles. But she can’t understand why things aren’t getting better. No matter which continent she finds herself – her heart hurts, but continues to make sound.

A girl whose heart beats with love too fully to function. The motion forms a rhythm in which she is comfortable, confident and a solid speed is found where she can focus on its integrity to keep life.

A girl who has become in touch with her own being, her piece of vital energy that makes her tick. Her love, and all that it is misunderstood. The mystery, the peace, the encompassing embrace that is the unknown.

Yet, her healing beating heart is all she needs to understand.

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