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THOUGHTS ON : Be a Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has always been a badass, in my eyes. She's been my muse for Halloween's alike and always a metaphor for saving your own self - don't let some man in tights or on a white horse come save you from you, from the pain of living and suffering. After seeing the new film last night with my mother I can say my opinion on this superhero, Amazon warrior woman has totally exceeded the scale as my favorite leading lady.

Diana couldn't kill Ares, the God of War, until she felt immense pain. She found true love and she lost him to an inevitable death. She realized what it means to be human, to have your heart burst inside of you while you're still forced to breathe. She became a warrior because she had no other choice. Survive, kill Ares, save innocent lives, thrive. Why do we let life defeat us? Constantly? The style of the climax in the film was incredible. The sound became drawn out and powerfully slowed down. Diana screams out in all that is unfair in war, from the immense pain of heartbreak, cloudy confusion, extreme anger - all with gorgeous black hair flowing, makeup set, muscles bulging, fires exploding behind her. She doesn't have a spare second to cry, to feel sorry for herself or to text her girlfriend WTF?! She taps into her heartbreak with a vengeance and continues to fight the God of War with everything in her being. She fights for her lost love, for the ugly side of war, for the things she doesn't understand - but what she's never questioned was her truth, her purpose, her dharma. She exists in order to fight for innocent human lives, even if they can be evil, greedy and are the cause of mass destruction, of war.

This film was so beautifully done and it was refreshing to see the female gaze in such a powerful way (literally and figuratively). As a woman who's gone through quite the number of heartbreaks, I left feeling fierce, like I could do anything. All I have to do is go within - to listen to my truth and continue fighting each day for a better day. To search for the light in the world and to forgive those who do wrong or keep their shadows on the surface in order to spread sorrow. To understand that every single person on this planet is fighting a war within through every inhale and exhale, suffering.

Diana is anti-murder but knows the importance of fighting with honor in order to protect the righteous. She understands the importance of sacrifice for the greater picture in saving innocent lives. She murders hundreds (in a super sexy, holy hell this woman is badass way) with grace and honor. She believes in herself wholeheartedly, sometimes at her disadvantage. But she quickly learns from her mistakes because, again, she knows the value of her talents and her underlying belief system - that people are innately good and they don't deserve to die in the name of an ugly, selfish war.

Beliefs are such a heavy theme in this film and made me question many of my own. Mainly about my relationship with myself, my body and especially in the definition of what love is, or what it should or could be. We see Diana grow up from a child of about 5 years old. She already trusts her innate truth that is to train, to fight, to defend her people and the beautiful land she calls home. Quite nobel for a 5 year old. She hasn't been introduced to fear. She hasn't been introduced to the idea that she isn't good enough. Her fellow Amazons are too busy fighting their own fights, building their own strength and focusing on their purpose of living rather than comparing golden accessories, their killer hair braids and how great their archery skills are.

I can list a few Amazon women in my life, I'd consider myself a warrior in this world. We love fully, we crumble quickly, but we are in constant transition with a heart open and embracing the beauty that is life - the unknown. We destroy in order to build something new and something more beautiful. Every time our foundation fails us we build a stronger one the next time around. We collect our pain, our memories and make them our treasures. These things never leave our hearts or minds. But we're able to make room for more experiences and never stop learning from the pain people or the universe may toss into our laps, laughing.

Be an Amazon. Be the lover. The distraction. Create art. Spread peace. Don't compare. Listen to your heart. Don't be fooled by your head. Work the fuck out. Own your shit. Be unapologetically you - but in the name of kindness. In the name of finding peace and your purpose - be the Wonder Woman who you already are.

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