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THOUGHTS : On the fact that I have yet to wear a bra...

I have yet to wear a bra

I brushed my hair for the first time today since I can remember

I have not seen a proper sunrise or sunset

My hands always smell like garlic

And are constantly stained with turmeric

My food is always cold because I'd rather photograph it than eat it

The breeze is like drinking water

And the jasmine is like a dream

I have nothing to complain about.

And if you're reading this, neither do you.

{ photo : Jemma Enright }

I'm open and ready to forgive. Mostly myself. Why am I so hard on myself and such a perfectionist? Where does that come from?

Just kidding... forgiveness... Let it go. It doesn't matter what the root is. What matters is I can weed my garden of insecurities and be more gentle with my thoughts, with myself. Let go of the negative chatter and indulge in the love and kindness and a slower pace of doing things.

I'm the one that stresses myself out. I'm the one that causes worry in my head. I'm the one that makes up future scenarios then freaks out when they don't happen that way. Expectations. Have none. Indulge in what's in front of me and enjoy it. If I don't enjoy it then contemplate why I'm doing it and weigh the pros and cons. Gentle. One more time : gentle kindness. Simply put = love.

I had the most fantastic day today cleaning cabinets and singing my heart out to the RENT soundtrack. If the family has a nanny cam then today was the day to watch it! There are times when I hate the chore I'm doing. But I take a deep breath and remember where I am. This town I love. That beach that's more beautiful than anything I've ever seen. The smell of jasmine and frangipani being the norm... I could go on with a very long list, but I won't. These things are sacred and dear to me :)

Trying to untie the knots that have held me back for so long. Held me back from love and growth and self development. Loosening is happening.

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