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Grow Up

I look frail

I've never been so tired

I'm getting older and it's showing

This isn't a place for you to retract & call me beautiful

I love you,

But please don't.

I've never been so frustrated at the fact that I have yet to get my shit together.

When you've come from a place so full of darkness you contemplate suicide daily for years on end,

Don't ever attempt,

Also don't attempt to get better or ask for help

But cry for help by restricting food or filling the holes of empty with food...

You hate yourself.

You now SEE yourself as this beautiful thing

But you don't feel accepted or understood by the outside world

By the people who made you

By the people you love

By the people you call your dearest friends

You want to live and embrace nature and it's infinite beauty

But how?

The hustle to live & flourish is all you know

The self-hatred is your comfort

And your self defined 'misunderstood' attitude is outgrown.

Stand on your two beautifully strong feet little one.

Chin up, head pushing through the pain.

Own your own beauty & take comfort in that of Mother Nature.

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