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Inspiration from 'White Hot Truth'

I feel like I've been off my game. I've let life push me around & the hustle of getting shit done run me ragged. In reality, this has been my story my entire life.

I attach to a dream until it comes true then that experience wasn't good enough & I better up my game this time around...

Selling everything & moving to Byron ✔️

Exploring Bali solo & experiencing a dose of her mysticism ✔️

10 day (life changing) Vipassana retreat ✔️

I'll do anything for love, even if that means bashing my heart into a million pieces willingly ✔️✔️✔️

Move from place to place, unattached from material things in order to prove some 'I'm Un-American' idea ✔️

Get my 200 hour YTT so I can fulfill a dream of sharing yoga as a career ✔️

Begin (again) to work on the My Disordered Eating film in order to truly express my story of struggle in order to help others ✔️

Culminate all of the above experiences into my own space to call home that consists of donation based movement classes + garden to plate cafe + workshops + edible landscape sanctuary (coming soon!!!!!)

I create create create but cannot seem to stop & enjoy. Where's the fun in that? What's the point of all of the meditation if I can't learn to be alone & appreciate all of these insane accomplishments?

This book is what I needed to call myself out on all my BS. If this sounds like you too - stop what you're doing & give yourself a big squeeze in celebration of life. All of your greatness + those bits of darkness.

Never stop creating, but be damn sure you relish your own radiance.

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