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Yoga Barn - I highly suggest rooming at Yoga Barn. The facilities are amazing, the teachers are good (Dr. Punnu Wassu), the spa is a dream & the cafe was some of the best food I ate this whole year. I was thrilled to pay a bit more for air con, gorgeous facilities and a stunning bathroom.

Jati Homestay - Again, highly suggest supporting this homestay. The room made me feel like a goddess, the location was perfect and the staff were so sweet. Find a homestay that supports your style - many have pools, free breakfast and you get to feel like part of a Balinese family for a few nights. 




Watercress - admittedly I'm one of those annoying 'morning people' & Bali doesn't seem to encourage coffee at 6am like I'm used to. So I cruised around until the monkey scared me & found this pretty haven open early! Delicious rosewater strawberry lassi & a coconut milk latte to die for!

Atman Cafe - obsessed with this place. I wanted to go here for all of my meals but I settled on just one dinner + gelato from their stand next door. Do it!

Clear Cafe - bring your book, your laptop, your camera. I wanted to move in. The food was basic health food but great staples & the drinks were where it's at. I even met a yogi hero of mine & I'll never forget that day at Clear.

Biah Biah - traditional Indo food so yum & so cheap you'll be questioning if you have the right bill. The atmosphere is bright & hip.

Garden Kafe - their Ayurvedic menu & fridge of desserts had me drooling.

Soma - 'high vibrational food' is correct, loved it here.

Warung's are where it's at - super cheap, supporting local families, traditional Indonesian food, perfect for the budget traveller




NONE - opt for adventure at Monkey Forest Sanctuary, a bike tour (I loved BOB - Bali on Bike), hike Camphuan, visit temples, shop in the market, see a traditional trance dance, book tours to see the volcano or the waterfalls!




My partying existed of Tibetan bowl sound mediation & a 'rock & roll' style meditation called Ananda Mandala - seriously it was a trip.


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