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"Kaleigh is an exceptional designer, photographer and social media expert. In a short period of time we saw a dramatic improvement due to the social media campaign she expertly crafted. Not only leading to an increase in our traffic but it also lead to financial results too." - Sanjay Hackett, owner of Swami's Yoga Retreat, Sydney, Australia


"Kaleigh brings such a unique touch to her work that really stands out. Her attention to detail and professionalism was always reliable and each project was enhanced by her creative eye capturing some of the most beautiful shots and designs. I would recommend Kaleigh's work as a virtual assistant, creative and artistic director to anybody who is looking for someone to enhance their product, message and overall business." - Maria Viall, owner Back to Food with Maria, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


"Kaleigh greeted me with a big, beautiful smile and made me feel comfortable right away! She's great at giving directions and I had a great time working with her." - Ashley Petry, Fashion Model


"Kaleigh did a great job with the photos I hired her for my yoga and Pilates business. Her approach to the photoshoot was very organic - I moved about the Pilates machinery as I would during any workout, and she moved about me taking photos at different angles. As I was into the movement, I was barely aware that she was photographing. I could not have been more pleased upon receiving the photos - her eye and angle is unique and intimate. Rather than just capturing me doing a specific pose or exercise, she followed her intuition and focused the camera on something that caught her eye. The photos didn't look posed or forced at all, they looked organic, and brought to light different things that I might have otherwise missed. Kaleigh's work is truly beautiful, it is no secret that she is passionate about what she does." - Jamie Landry, Pilates & Yoga Teacher


"Kaleigh was great to work with, just what we needed at the time! I was drowning trying to figure out where to start with all the social media/newsletter... business side of things while also maintaining all of my teaching hours. Kaleigh listens and creates all of the stepping stones. I gave her some of the content and she added her talent and creativity to it and made it happen in a very timely manner! She is great at organization and getting the “to-do list” completed quickly. I highly recommend Kaleigh!" - Jesse Masche, owner of East Side Pilates


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