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yields 10-15  |  15 minutes


We cleaned out the freezer full of bulk items that haven't been touched in a while. Our list included sun dried blueberries, raisins, cranberries, and oats. These snacks are great to use up bulk items you may be running out of or don't have enough of an item to put into your favorite recipe. Use your own judgment, tastes and get creative!




handful organic sun dried blueberries

handful organic raisins

handful organic dried cranberries

handful oganic cacao nibs

scoop vegan protein powder

1 + 1/2 C oats (Australian oats look way different than the quick oats I'm used to eating in the US!)

as much rice malt as needed to bind dry ingredients, I used about 4 T


food processor

jar to store

sticky hands


Pour dry ingredients of choice into food processor, top with rice malt swirling over the top of the dry ingredients evenly. Turn on food processor and let it work its magic until dry ingredients are now moist and able to bind together into rolled balls. 


Roll the mixture into balls in your hands, store in your fridge


*Note : all dried fruits would work great! Be sure there is no added sugar or dehydrate your own fruit. I prefer cacao nibs but maybe you want real chocolate chip chunks. Protein powder or add in is totally optional. Instead of oats you can use the coconut flour previously made, almond meal, etc. Instead of rice malt you could use a nut butter or honey.


*Another Note : All these extra freezer bits were stored in brown bags. Of course we saved these brown bags and will fill up with new bits for the freezer from our fave bulk stores in the coming days. Consume smarter, waste less

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