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The Backpackers Inn - party hostel

Aquarius - a little nicer hostel

Air BnB - gorgeous homes to call your own for a holiday - stay for free for a bit of work throughout the week

The Atlantic - bougie




Espressohead - my favorite cafe in Byron! Great service, simple & delicious food

Bayleaf + Leaf & Grain - Bayleaf is where the hipsters live & the food is fantastic. People watch & have brekkie. Just want an amazing takeaway coffee? Head to their next door shop, Leaf & Grain. I miss them...

Folk - just a bike ride away. The food is amazing, the atmosphere is cool and the coffee is bomb!

Barefoot Brews - find it for yourself!

Sparrow Coffee on the Fly - tiny little coffee shop meant for takeaway. I'd sit on their bench outside & welcome the morning.

Hole in the Wall - this is the cash only coffee spot next to the Spar 24. Get a takeaway coffee & a brownie then head to Main Beach!

Cafe Novella - great coffee, cool spot




Main Beach - the most convenient spot, lounge on the sand or on the grass beneath the Norfolk Pines

Wategos - my favorite place in the world. So much so I have it tattooed on my forearm. 

Clarkes - this was my spot to meditate every morning. Quieter than Main, a little less space with high tide

Tallows - if you find yourself in Suffolk Park this is the beach for you. It's more family and dog friendly considering most of the beachgoers are locals of the neighborhood - but very welcoming. If you're surfing it seems to be a bit more sharky.

Belongil - just steps from Main over the rocks past Fishheads. Quieter and necessary to take a selfie on top of The Wreck.




The Ashtanga Room

Creature Yoga

Yoga at the Farm

Byron Bay Bootcamp




Woody's - my favorite spot! Good DJ's, fun crowd, lame $10 cover

The Northern - best spot for live music in the back. Hipster/rocker vibe in the front. Strict bouncers, beware

LaLa Land - a small bar designed with mermaids on the mind

Beach Hotel - good spot for schooners any time of day

Cheeky Monkey's - don't do it




'Gypset' is a real thing here. Like, girls seem to live & breathe it & manage to have money to spend on Spell goodies but not on lunch. So if you're one for following trends, dress like a bohemian gypsy dream. If you're more modern, dress like a 90's punk rock/skater girl. If you're like me, you'll work with what you have, live in your bikini & shop at the church op-shop and can't wait for Saturday morning g-sales outside Green Garage for those trendy gypsy/skater looks you can't afford for only $5!! You better do it. Also, if you're like me (broke) you can sell your trendy shit you packed your suitcase to the brim with but never wore in 6 months so you sell it on the grass while sipping a long black topped up with steamed coconut milk... Those were the days #imobsessedwithbyron



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