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Statement of Intent

I have always seen the world differently. Growing up with my father in the radio industry, our lives revolved around music. As a young girl I would sit alone, intently listening to the sounds from my boombox. The lyrics and music inspired moving narratives in my mind. I had no idea at the time, but I was imagining character arcs, storylines and finished music videos before I could formally write.

This natural instinct to create imagery followed me as my joy and my emotional release while growing up. Very early in my life I developed depression that led to an eating disorder. Filmmaking saved my life because it was a beautiful way that I could escape to write and research and explore this drive to create. Learning about other people's stories of struggle and success made me understand I was not alone in my pain and that life can get better. This collective pain is a way to share stories, art, film and a way to connect communities through entertainment that perhaps would never learn from one another. This is why I create film, this is why I want to teach the art of filmmaking - to share that power of connection.

Artist Bio

I began my filmmaking career in 2006 at Columbia College Chicago then graduated in 2010 with a BFA from the Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. In 2009, I was hired as an intern with a local documentary production company, 371 Productions. Many of our projects won Emmy's and traveled the festival circuit cross country. Upon graduating, I was officially hired as Production Coordinator with 371 Productions, where I learned how to operate professional film equipment, to produce feature length documentaries, and developed skills in pre-production, creating character arcs and effective storylines. This company emphasizes community engagement post-production -- work that fed my soul.

In 2013, I was Associate Producer for an Independent Lens funded documentary, As Goes Janesville, nominated for an Emmy and winning multiple film fest awards in 2013. In 2012, I produced and filmed The Penelope Project, which deeply effected my life and artistic process as we filmed over a year in an assisted living center using art as a healing tool to those living and dying from Alzheimer's Disease. From 2011-2013 I assisted in post-production and worked on set of Emmy winning public television show Wisconsin Foodie.

Since leaving 371, I have participated in multiple gallery night’s showcasing photographic work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for more than 5 years. My films have screened at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee’s Student Film Festival, winning 2nd place Audience Award for a short documentary ‘THREES’. Other collaborative work has been screened in the renowned Milwaukee International Film Festival and all over the country, such as Tate Bunker's Parasol  and Terry Green's No God, No Master.


Currently, I am working on films independently. Music video for Enabler's Close My Eyes premiered on Metal Injection with over 31,000 YouTube views. In production is a mixed media documentary, My Disordered Eating, a project about life with an eating disorder that will also be an online collaborative healing tool for those struggling with mental illness called We Are All The Walking Wounded.




Close My Eyes by Enabler

Music video shot, edited and directed by Kaleigh Atkinson + Sam Bowman



As Goes Janesville a 371 Production

Directed by Brad Lichtenstein

Boom operator, assistant camera, production coordinator and post-production supervisor

























Penelope a 371 Production

Directed by Brad Lichtenstein

Producer, assistant camera, boom operator, post-production supervisor, assitant editor
























Wisconsin Foodie a PBS Television Show

Directed by Arthur Ircink

Boom operator, assistant camera, still photographer



























Boudoir a documentary short by Film Milwaukee

Directed by Matt Mixon

I was featured in a short film titled ‘Boudoir’ by Film Milwaukee showcasing my artistic drive to

create a healthy and positive body image for women.














No God, No Master a feature film

Directed by Terry Green

Production Assistant
















Parasol a short film

Directed by Tate Bunker

Art Dept. Production Assistant



Freelance Artist 2010 - present


Photographer, Filmmaker

Yoga & Meditation Instructor 2016 - present


Virtual Assistant 2014 - present

Andy Olen, author, Milwaukee, WI

Photography, Graphic Design, Social Media

AddeoFit, fitness center, Milwaukee, WI

Headshots, Social Media

mke MindBody Wellness, wellness clinic, Milwaukee, WI

Graphic Design, Web Design, Rebranding, Social Media

Abundelicious, holistic nutritionist, Milwaukee, WI

Headshots, Food Styling, Graphic Design, Web Design, Rebranding, Social Media


Koha Yoga + Abundelicious, acro yoga/nutritionist, Punta Uva, Costa Rica

Documentary Portraits, Graphic Design, Social Media


Ashtanga Yoga Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI

Documentary Portraits, Social Media


East Side Pilates, Milwaukee, WI

Documentary Portraits, Graphic Design, Social Media


Swami's Yoga Retreat, Sydney, Australia

Documentary Photography, Rebranding, Social Media


Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee 2013-2014


Milwaukee, Wisconsin - AmeriCorps Art Teacher, Yoga Instructor


Arts Advocate for JMACC was an incredible experience. Here I organized fine art classes but focused more on human expression. We'd create everything from paintings and drawings to learning yoga and mindfulness and took this work further by learning about nutrition and did cooking classes.


On Student World Volunteer Day we revamped the high school's huge (unused) courtyard into victory gardens where we grew pounds and pounds of organic vegetables to use in our course. We planted seedlings using garbage collected around school (plastic containers, cups, lunch time scraps, etc) that literally gifted us fruits of our labor.

Volunteer at Golda Meir School 2011


Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Volunteer Art Teacher year 4 & 5


With budget cuts the students no longer had any classes outside the basics: math, science, history, etc. I collaborated with another artist to create expressive and fun projects to break the classroom mold. We built cardboard cities, painted and interpreted students' Rorschach inkblots, and so much more.


371 Productions 2008-2011


Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Documentary Filmmaking Production Coordinator


Creating independent documentaries from start to finish with a small group of filmmakers. Kaleigh began as an intern in 2009 and grew to Production Coordinator in 1 year. Forming ideas for future projects while simultaneously organizing equipment, footage and producing shoots for current projects while also recording sound and shooting additional camera was a regular day at 371. This was a fast paced environment that was exciting and extremely helpful in forming my relationship with documentary film.

‘Not In Our Town’, a PBS Series  - 2013

Still Photographer


Milwaukee Film Festival

‘Penelope’ a film by Brad Lichtenstein - 2013

Associate Producer, Additional Camera, Sound


‘Once You’re Dead’ a film in production by 371 Productions - 2011

Lead Researcher and Associate Producer


‘Wisconsin Foodie’, an Emmy Nominated Television Show - 2012

Additional Camera and Sound


‘As Goes Janesville’ a film by Brad Lichtenstein - 2012

Associate Producer, Still Photographer, Sound, Additional Camera


‘Penelope’ a film by Brad Lichtenstein - 2013

Associate Producer, Additional Camera, Sound

Photographic Work 2010 - present

Bon Ton fashion photo shoot - 2011

Photographer’s Assistant


Milwaukee Gallery Night - Arts Building

Photography work displayed seasonally in 2011 & 2012


Bay View Gallery Night - Alterra Coffee

Photography work displayed in fall of 2011, 2012, 2013

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Union Juried Art Show

Photography work displayed in 2009 & 2010

Mondo Lucha - 2009 & 2010

Still Photographer

Theatre Gigante’s ‘Three Other Sisters’ - 2010

Still Photographer

Independent Film Work 2006 - present


My Disordered Eating

Documentary – in progress

2014 – Present

Close My Eyes by Enabler

Music Video - 2014

Directed, Shot and Edited by Kaleigh Atkinson & Sam Bowman

From Milwaukee’s ‘Boudoir’ 2012

A short film featuring Kaleigh Atkinson and her photography work based on positive body image as inspiration


Milwaukee Film Festival

‘No God, No Master’ a film by Terry Green - 2012

Production Assistant

Milwaukee Film Festival

‘Parasol’ a film by Tate Bunker - 2011

Assistant Art Director

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Student Cinema Film Fest - 2007

‘A Morning With Emma and Opa’ a film by Kaleigh Atkinson


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee’s Student Cinema Film Fest - 2010

2nd Place Audience Award

‘Threes’ a film by Kaleigh Atkinson

Education 2006 - 2010

Columbia College Chicago

Film Directing major


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Experimental Film / Photography BFA



"Kaleigh is an exceptional designer, photographer and social media expert. In a short period of time we saw a dramatic improvement due to the social media campaign she expertly crafted. Not only leading to an increase in our traffic but it also lead to financial results too." - Sanjay Hackett, owner of Swami's Yoga Retreat, Sydney, Australia


"Kaleigh brings such a unique touch to her work that really stands out. Her attention to detail and professionalism was always reliable and each project was enhanced by her creative eye capturing some of the most beautiful shots and designs. I would recommend Kaleigh's work as a virtual assistant, creative and artistic director to anybody who is looking for someone to enhance their product, message and overall business." - Maria Viall, owner Back to Food with Maria, Certified Holistic Nutritionist


"Kaleigh greeted me with a big, beautiful smile and made me feel comfortable right away! She's great at giving directions and I had a great time working with her." - Ashley Petry, Fashion Model


"Kaleigh did a great job with the photos I hired her for my yoga and Pilates business. Her approach to the photoshoot was very organic - I moved about the Pilates machinery as I would during any workout, and she moved about me taking photos at different angles. As I was into the movement, I was barely aware that she was photographing. I could not have been more pleased upon receiving the photos - her eye and angle is unique and intimate. Kaleigh's work is truly beautiful, it is no secret that she is passionate about what she does." - Jamie Landry, Pilates & Yoga Teacher

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